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Kam-Com, Inc. is strategically located just minutes away from New York City. Our facility can accommodate many of your off-site storage requirements safely, with ease of access.

With thousands of square feet of space, Kam-Com, Inc. can provide you with a variety of warehouse options :

  • Staging, Pre-configuration and shipment of complete systems anywhere in the U.S.A.
  • Perform software/hardware upgrades to extend equipment usefulness
  • Maintain fixed asset inventory through our warehousing and reporting systems
  • Reducing your burgeoning Real Estate and labor costs through off-site warehousing

As an added benefit, we will perform periodic inventory audits and supply those reports to your MIS or Finance Departments, based on pre-arranged schedules. As your equipment becomes obsolete, or no longer useful, we will arrange to scrap it and provide a detailed list of items, along with relevant serial number information. These value-added services will permit your organization to reclaim previously occupied space, and re-deploy warehouse resources for other functions.

  • On-line inventory control system
  • Monthly fixed asset reports
  • Screen, test, upgrade, and configure hardware
  • Re-pack with all cabling and other omponents prior to drop shipping
  • Additional space available
    for bulk storage items
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